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25 -- do you really want me?

I am so sorry to those of you who I cut that had nothing to do with this whole mess. I just thought I could trust all of you and I was wrong. So please don't take it personal. I had to cut some of you who I love dearly and have never had problems with but you were also on a certain person's flist (Maybe even a few people's that I don't get along with). Also some of you, we have never really connected, or we don't share the same interests anymore. If for any reason you think this was a mistake or you want to be added back, I might. It just depends.

I feel bad.

I feel so...: guilty guilty

29 -- do you really want me?

Just deleted dead journals, people who haven't commented in a long time and people I can't even remember why I friended them in the first place. If by accident I deleted you and you wanted to stay on let me know.

I feel so...: bored bored

19 -- do you really want me?

Hottness ahead!!!!!


Can't wait for Janurary 2nd!!!!

And I put up a new beautiful header by kelz3192

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I feel so...: enthralled enthralled
hearing: Gilmore Girls

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